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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leeteuk's sister Park Inyoung will have her movie debut with "Balloon"

Super Junior Leeteuk's older sister Park Inyoung will make her movie debut with "Balloon"

Balloon's director is Ahn Cheolho and it's a low-budget commercial film. "Ballloon" is a comic melodramatic movie about love of youth people. Park Inyoung will have a semi-role as the first love of the lead male character.

On October 28th, a person from the movie's production team said "Park Inyoung's fresh outlook and good acting skill are well qualified as a rising star. In the future, she will have more chance to be in a leading role". "Balloon" will begin to be filmed from November 25th and will be released next year.

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Donghae - Jonghyun - Amber, SM's dinosaur trio are coming !

It is known that Super Junior Donghae, Shinee's Jonghyun and f(x)'s Amber are close with each other.

On October 29th, Shinee's Jonghyun has posted to Shinee's me2day a picture of him, Donghae & Amber taking together. Jonghyun wrote jokingly under the pic "Where am I...?". The reason fro him to say that is because the three look alike each other. Jonghyun, Donghae, Amber were known with the nickname "SM dinosaur trio" among the fans because their appearance resemble those cute little dinosaur.

Netizens has left comments like "They're very cute", "They're SM dinosaur trio", "They're super dinosaur trio".

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An article about Sungmin's Dad and family

If you vist "sendbill" official homepage, you will be surprised to hear popular idol group Super Junior members singing the logo song for the company.

Super Junior member Sungmin is the son of the president of the company Lee ChunHwa. Because of his Dad, Sungmin had written a cheerful, catchy logo song to promote for "sendbill" service.

Lee president said that "Sometimes there are fans of my son come crowding around my house. It's because my son is famous, I find it a good thing rather than feeling annoyed" and showed a satisfied expression. Besides, Lee ChunHwa president's wife has done a lot of charity activities for the handicapped people for over 3 years, she even received a Seoul City award for that.

With the father being successful with his own company, the mother with her charity activities and the son with his popularity in the showbiz, we expect to hear more good news about Lee ChunHwa presient's family in the future.

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Super Junior Happy will perform at Korean Hope concert, along with 2PM and Shinee

Super Junior Happy along with 2PM and Shinee will perform at 1st Korean Hope Concert which will be held on November 14th at Busan Asiad Main Stadium. This concert will be the second time 2PM perform with 6 members since Dream Concert. However, because of the recent bad incident, Super Junior Happy's Kangin wont attend with the other members.

The money from the concert will be used to help 40 teenagers, each of them will be given about 4 million won to pay for their university's tutor fee. Each idol groups will perform about 6 songs and also have a small talk with the audience.

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Leeteuk cheered for Boom who will enlist "have a safe trip and be healthy"

Super Junior Leeteuk had cheered for Boom, who will enlist soon.

Leeteuk had wrote on his own cyworld on October 27th that "Minho-hyung, have a safe trip". He also posted a picture of him and Boom together and put the title "Hyung, have a safe trip" for that entry.

Leeteuk wrote in his entry that "Boom Academy leader..Boom Minho-hyung, have a safe trip and stay healthy, without knowing it, [our] feelings grew deep....thank you for taking care [of me]....although people don't really know what hyung is really like....but hyung your way of working hard has touched me again.."

He continued with "..really can't let go..ㅠㅠ..don't worry, I'll work hard....ah..the recent weather also makes a person feel matter what suitable departure [it] is always a painful thing.." to expressed his sadness toward Boom's leaving.

Boom who will enlist at the 102 Replacement Depot in Kangwondo Chuncheon wrote on his own cyworld on October 27th that "I will have a safe trip. There are many people who cheered for me and also gave me hug. It's so heartwarming".

Before enlisting, Boom is regular guest on SBS "Strong heart", "Star King" and MC of MBC Every1 "The teacher is coming"

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Leeteuk has wanted Yoonah to marry him for 7 years

Yoonah has revealed that Leeteuk has wanted to marry her for 7 years.

On the show SBS "Strong heart" which was aired on October 27th, Yoonah said "There is a person here who always said to me that I'm his ideal type" and caught attention from other people.

Then she pointed out that person is Super Junior's Leeteuk. She said "I was a trainee since I'm 13. Leeteuk was 20 then and since that time, he always says jokingly to me that I should marry him". After hearing this, Leeteuk had said without hesitant "Yoonah is really my ideal type" and "Yoonah calls me every night to ask me to give her advice. So I really think that she likes me"

MC Lee SeungGi after heard Leeteuk said that Yoonah was his ideal type had said "I always think that Leeteuk is a weird person". Later on, FTTS's Brian had said "Yoonah is almost my ideal type...I will make her my girl..." which made Leeteuk covered Yoonah's ears with both his hands and made everybody laughing.

Also, the three people (Leeteuk, SeungGi, Brian) had given a big interest to Yoonah's story although it's not funny just to win her heart.

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Hankyung vouches for Kangin's character and helps Siwon apply lip balm

Recently, Super Junior M and their junior Zhang Liyin have released a mini album and an album single <晴天,雨天 (qing tian, yu tian, Sunny Day, Rainy Day)> respectively. During the album release conference held in Beijing, Hankyung not only helped Siwon apply lip balm, but the two also joked around, acting out an intimate scene as lovers taking photos. Regarding the criticisms Super Junior member Kangin has received for his involvement in a drink-and-drive accident, Hankyung not only expressed his support for his fellow group mate but also vouched for his character.

The sweet scene with member Donghae and Zhang Liyin taking photos together in the MV made Hankyung and Siwon, who both did not participate in the filming, very envious. As such, the two of them re-enacted one of the classic footages in the MV, making lots of mistakes and thus causing much laughter off-stage. In the event segment after that, Hankyung helped his good buddy (Siwon) apply lip balm, and gave this lip balm to a selected lucky fan, causing much envy amongst the other supporters.

Not long ago, SJ member Kangin was condemned by the public for causing an accident while drink-driving. As his buddy, Hankyung has shown his support, saying that Kangin is very caring towards the other members and vouches for his character. Touching on Kangin's current situation, Hankyung said that he should still be in the midst of trying to re-adjust himself and hopes that everyone can give him time and a second chance.

SR: 新浪娱乐
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[MY] Malaysian ELF T-Shirt is on sale again!

Show your unity with other Malaysian ELFs!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” Dance Contest at 8TV Nite Live!

Take Note this is only for Malaysians

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, Malaysian Everlasting Friends, 8TV Nite Live which airs from 12:45 AM to 2:00 AM every Saturday to Monday at channel 8TV is having a Sorry Sorry Dance Contest!

All you have to do is

1) Record your Sorry Sorry dance performance
2) Upload it at YouTube and
3) Send the link to

Whether its a solo or in a group, you can participate without no limit and age boundaries. The best video would get pick and will be aired on 8TV Nite Live this week!

Please remember that the important key is to spread the Super Junior love through national broadcast. For your information, the emcees (Mike and Moe) had been trying to learn the dance since chatters there had been requesting them to dance to Sorry Sorry. They asked us to teach them instead

Spread around this one information and share with us your videos link if you take part in the contest here!

any Malaysian ELF want to take part?I want to but I can't dance and I'll surely look ugly. ==;

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Girl MV is out!

credit: sment@YT

Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Junior M's - Super Girl MV teaser released !

credit: Jheane718@YT

GAHH!! So hot! 8D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

SJM's New Album Concept Revealed

SJM's second album concept released. 9th September News. Super Junior M (of SM Entertainment) will release the new Mandarin mini album at the end of Septemeber, once again returning to the music world & activities in China.

To increase anticipation of Super Junior M's comeback, on the 11th, SM Entertainment plans to release the brand new album concept pictures on their main site (, along with other sites like Sohu (, & other Korean & Chinese sites.

Hankyung, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhoumi, these seven members form Super Junior M, & ever since officially debuting with their release of their first album, ❰ME❱
in April last year, not only did they win the 'Most Popular Group' award at various Chinese award ceremonies, they also became the faces of a famous soft drink company & a young person's phone company etc. Making the ever lively Super Junior subgroup of SJM also becoming group that has garnered the attention of worldwide advertising.

Something worth mentioning, during the first half of 2009, when Super Junior released their 3rd album
, not only in Korea, but in countries all over Asia, the "Sorry Sorry" craze quickly spread. This time, the newly returned Super Junior M has in turn garnerned even more attention from even more Asian fans.

Super Junior M expresses, "(we're) really happy to bring our new album to once again meet with everyone, we've been preparing earnestly, so we hope that everyone will anticipate Super Junior M's music & activities, & support & love us like everyone has been doing". Super Junior M's first mini album is predicted to drop at the end of September in China & other countries in Asia.

bigger, munted version of the picture

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omg omg omg !
Jessica of SNSD will be starring the MV. seriously I can't wait to see the MV and listen to the song. ;D

Saturday, September 05, 2009

From AirAsia Facebook page: Super Junior contest

Want to catch Super Junior LIVE?

Watch Super Junior perform LIVE in Hong Kong. All you need to do is, form your own thirteen (13) member band (including yourself) and list your band members on our wall. Complete your entry with a creative slogan in 30 characters or less and you stand to win:


• TWO (2) x VIP Tickets to catch Super Junior live at AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong

• TWO (2) x Return flight tickets to Hong Kong departing from Kuala Lumpur

• ONE (1) x Twin Sharing Room for 1 night

Contest Mechanism:

(a) Participants are required to become a fan of the AirAsia Fan Page in Facebook.

(b) Once a fan of AirAsia, participants will have to recruit twelve others who are already AirAsia Facebook Fan Page fans to be the participant’s own “Super Junior music fan group”.

(c) Having recruited twelve members, the participants are required to post the names of the twelve members they have recruited on the AirAsia Fan Page in Facebook.

(d) To complete their entries, on top of the list of the twelve names of recruits, participants are also required to complete the following slogan within 30 characters in the same wall post message on the AirAsia Fan Page wall in Facebook

i. Super Junior rocks with AirAsia because….


Friday, September 04, 2009

Participate this contest and you might win Super Show II in Hong Kong tickets (plus flight ticket & accomodation) !!

Win tickets to Super Junior LIVE in Hong Kong
Reigning Battle of the Pop champs Super Junior are coming to Hong Kong on FRIDAY, 18 September for a concert to be held at the AsiaWorld Expo.

[V] and AirAsia are giving YOU and a lucky friend the chance to catch Seoul’s hottest 13 LIVE in Hong Kong and all you have to do is answer our question. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. JOIN NOW!

By entering this SUPER contest, you can win the following prizes:

- 2 concert tickets to Super Junior LIVE in Hong Kong
- 2 air tickets to and from your home town to Hong Kong (Winners from Hong Kong will NOT receive air tickets to other destinations)
- 2 nights FREE hotel accommodation (one room)

*If you are under 18 years of age, extra tickets will be provided for your adult chaperone.

anyone can join this contest, click HERE to participate in the contest. but you have to register first ! the contest will end on 15 September,so participate now !

on a side note,im happy Air Asia recognized Super Junior. ;D
thanks to Rey Ee @ Ever Lasting Friends Malaysia facebook page for telling ! :D

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry Sorry album Philippine Edition release date !

"Sorry, Sorry" (Philippine Edition) CD will finally be released on September 4, 2009 (Friday)!

It was announced here:

As per Univeral Records Philippines, the CD is manufactured in the Philippines and will be available NATIONWIDE. They also encourage you to request your local record store (wherever in the Philippines you may be) to request CD stock from Universal Records Philippines. The CD comes with a full booklet and priced at Php 395.

Here is a high resolution of the Philippine Edition album cover:

thanks to Raymund for telling!

to Filipino ELFs, don't forget to buy the album ! =D

Super Show II in Beijing !

Super Junior's second concert tour, , started in Seoul and will have its stop in Beijing in January next year.

The concert will be held on 23 January 2010 at the Wukesong Indoor Stadium. This is the first special performance concert by Super Junior that will be held in Beijing.

With the audiovisual effects of the audience in mind, this concert will adopt the original stage design of the Korean concert.

This concert in Beijing is not merely a gathering of Chinese fans, but also a celebratory bash with fans from other Asian fans together with Super Junior.

NOTE: This news article is posted up on Sohu Korea, which has been a reputable source in providing reliable news. However, there seem to be discrepancies in the firm reported to have arranged for this concert. News will be updated when more information is released.

Sr: Sohu Korea
Cr: yurim_sj♥ @

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Event for Malaysian E.L.F. !

Organized by:

In the conjunction of:

Event/majlis: Korean Song Singing Class (Super Junior songs)
Date/tarikh: 27 August 2009, Thursday (Government school holiday)
Time/masa: 02.00pm – 03.00pm
Venue/tempat: Korea Plaza, Menara Han Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee

MYSJ will gather at Bukit Nanas monorail station at 01.00pm and walk to Korea Plaza together.
If you don't know how to go to Korea Plaza, you can join MYSJ team at Bukit Nanas monorail station right at 1 PM.
Ahli-ahli MYSJ akan berkumpul di stesyen monorail Bukit Nanas pada 1 PM dan pergi ke Korea Plaza bersama-sama. Sekiranya korang tak tahu macam mana untuk pergi ke Korea Plaza, korang boleh lah menunggu di stesyen monorail Bukit Nanas tepat pada 1 PM dan ikut ahli-ahli MYSJ.

For members who are interested, please fill in your info
HERE or HERE. But make sure you send your info before 26 August 2009,11:59 PM. Please wear Malaysian E.L.F. t-shirt or any blue t-shirt you have to the event, show them our unity. ^^ Any question please ask HERE or HERE.
Kepada sesiapa yang berminat, sila isi informasi anda di SINI atau SINI. Tapi pastikan korang menghantar sebelum 26 August 2009, 11:59 PM. Diharapkan korang memakai baju Malaysian E.L.F. atau pakaian berwarna biru di majlis tersebut. Sebarang soalan, sila tanya di SINI atau SINI.

credit to Jasmine@MYSJ + Miss Healerzz@SapphirePearls

If you have any question, please don't ask me because i'm not a part of it. I'm just sharing with you guys,click at the link i gave instead. ^-^ Hope all Malaysian E.L.F. can go. Please tell your other friends too~ :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sorry Sorry C, Philippines version to be released !

This is from SJUPH. They personally went to ask Universal Records PH about it.

Ms. Sia confirmed that the Sorry Sorry album will be released under Universal records. Expect the cds to hit the shelves around the end of August-first week of September. It’s good news to fans because the cds will be more affordable. It’s also good for our main advocacy to stop piracy because it’s now more accessible to fans.

And this is what Universal Records PH said on their blogspot:

“Hey SuJu fans! It’s confirmed – we’re releasing Version C of the album. Will be released very soon, watch out for it!”

cr: SJUPH/UniversalrecordsPH

YAY to Filipino ELFs!
hope you guys buy the album and SJ maybe will come to Philippines! ^-^

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Show II in Hong Kong confirmed!

it's confirmed that Hong Kong will be Super Junior's 1st asia stop for Super Show II. Official news translations will be added once the press release is published.

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Date: 18th September 2009
Time: 8.30-10.30PM
Price (in HKD):
Standing - $988 (subject to changes)
Seating - $988 $788, $588, $388, $188 (subject to changes)

they are still doing up the final details so once the seating plan is out i will update this.
promotions for the concert will start next week.

To get tickets, please go to Super Junior Hong Kong Fan Club

credits: Super Junior Hong Kong Fan Club
translated by: carolyn @

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How is Super Junior profit being divided?

Recently, with the issue between DBSG members and SM about sharing the income, Super Junior’s below story will bring a warm feeling to you.

On the show MBC Every1 “Now it’s time of handsome guys” which was aired on August 11th, MC Park Myungsoo had asked Super Junior’s members Donghae & Sungmin, who attended that epsidoe, about the profit sharing among SJ members.

Park Myungsoo said “Super Junior has 13 members, the member who has more activities will earn more, right ? So do you guys have any difficulty with it, and how do you do about it ?”

Super Junior Donghae said “Although money is quite a sensitive topic, but we share the money with the members who earn less” and “(so that) they can use in case of necessity” which brought a warm feeling to the filming studio. Park Myungsoo said “it’s such a good example” and praise the strong friendship among Super Junior members.

Netizens also show good response toward this “It’s such a good example about teamate” and “While (everybody) continue to care about money, I feel relieved (after knowing this)”

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits so proud of my boys T-T
i cannot not putting this here.T-T

SM Town 09 album - Super Junior's song

Seaside (TVXQ,Shinee and Super Junior)


[Changmin] Aloha! This is SM Town from Korea
[Yoochun: Hello)
[Yunho+Donghae] Bring it on now, put em shades on,
put em in your pocket dont you
wanna go girl, Gacha gacha yeah, Shaka shaka hey!
[Changmin] Amigo!

[Changmin] Sodajineun haessal geu sairo pink bikini agasshi
[Yoochun] Ajik ddeonaji marayo
[Junsu] Naui mameul gajyeoyo

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Onew] Neomu jiruhae Seaside hyugeseo

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Hankyung] Naegeseo meoreojyeo gane

[Jaejoong] Baby! Baby! huhwineun nallyeo beoryeo
[Kyuhyun] Take me, take me~ Taeyangeul jeulkyeo
[Jonghyun] Baby! Baby! Mangseoril biryeo eobseo
[Ryeowook] Jigeumi jeulgeoun insaeng

[Sungmin] Buseo jineun padu geu neomeoro bbalgan seokyang-i naerigo
[Siwon] Part-time albaga kkeut namyun
[Shindong] Deudieo naui mudaeji

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Yunho] Neomu jiruhae Seaside hyugeseo

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Taemin] Naegeseo meoreojyeo gane

[Junsu] Baby! Baby! Huhwineun nallyeo beoryeo
[Ryeowook] Take me, take me~ Oneureul jeulkyeo
[Yesung] Baby! Baby! Mangseoril biryo eobseo
[Onew] Jigeumi jeulgeoun insaeng

[Eunhyuk] Michidorok sumi makidorok kkeut eobsi dallyeo
bureung bureung ikkeureojeul tenika
Omona eojjeona kokjung deureun boryeora
[Yoochun] Seaside, thats right! People love each other, take a ride.
Hot girl, please dont take off. Bring your make up, move your hot butt. Yeah~
[Key] You feel the breeze. Jigeum isunganeul neukyeobwa
Ddeugeoun taeyang arae Go! Go! Go!

[Jonghyun] Saeggamage taeun eolgul wiro
[Taemin] Padoga bingbing meori wiro taeyangi bingbing
[Onew] Yeoreumeul aneun agasshi
[Minho] Naui mameul badayo

[SHINee] Naui mameul badayo Oh! Yeah ~ Hey SHINee!
Yeogin Seaside hyugeseo
[DBSK] Naui mameul badayo Hey! Summer Boy~

[Onew] Nuguna oseyo nuguna jeurgeowo

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Kangin] Ajik gidaryeo naui yeoreuma

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Eeteuk] Oneul bamneo hana na hana chueogduri hana hana

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

[Donghae] Neomu jeulgeoweo Seaside hyugeseo

[All] Chadeureun shingshing dallyeo dallyeo (sha la la la la la la)
Radio-n boom boom Come on come come on~

lyrics credit to twilightprincess015@YT

Carnival (Super Junior,wrote by Kangin)


-no lyrics yet-